SEO Helps Your Clients Gain Visibility

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Search engine optimization tips

For those in the marketing and web design industries, SEO or search engine optimization is increasingly important. To help your clients attract the online traffic they need to succeed, your web sites and online marketing strategies need to use SEO to provide maximum benefits. But luckily it isn’t difficult learn how to be an SEO reseller. That because with outsourced SEO, you and your client can gain the best strategies for your online outreach efforts.

Why do you need SEO?
Search engines drive the Internet. Social media are important, but it is search engines that drive Internet traffic. Not only are people using the Internet more and more for work and communication, it’s also the most popular shopping location. And to find the products and services they need, people rely on Internet searches. In fact every month over 100 billion searches are conducted globally.

Studies have found that as many as 61% of Internet users worldwide shop online first, whether they actually buy the products online or in a store. And Outbrain published a study which shows that online searches are the #1 factor driving traffic to websites, 300% more often than social media.

How SEO outsourcing can help your site
Given the importance of online searches in the overall Internet shopping experience, it is vital for a business to be ranked at or near the top of online searches. The algorithms used by Google and other searches are closely guarded secrets and are changed frequently to ensure that sites can be ranked fairly.

Which is why become an SEO reseller and incorporating SEO strategies in your marketing and web design can help your clients stand out in a crowded marketplace. Studies have found that SEO leads have a real impact on sales, producing a close rate of 14.6%. Traditional outbound leads, using such methods as direct mail or print advertising by comparison have a much lower close rate of just 1.7%. By learning how to be an SEO reseller, you can improve visibility and sales for your clients.

How to become an SEO reseller
Now for the best part: it’s actually very easy to become an SEO reseller. All you have to do is outsource SEO to the experts who will provide you the tools, which you can then rebrand and sell to your clients. So it’s a win-win situation all around.

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