6 Ways to Take Your SEO Reseller Game From Good to Great

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Maybe you recently discovered the income opportunity you have by becoming an SEO reseller. Maybe you’ve been in the business for quite some time and just want to become the best SEO reseller you can. Whether you’re learning how to sell SEO for the first time, or you just want to sharpen your game, our list of 6 great SEO reseller approaches will help you take your sales game from good to great.

6 Great SEO Reseller Approaches

  1. Come prepared. Go to your initial meeting with a potential client prepared with documentation of what you can do for their business. Chances are, your clients have never seen anything like the online marketing strategies that your SEO firm can put together for them. Having tangible evidence of what your services provide might be more effective then all of the words that you could say to them.
  2. Establish rapport. Studies show that 50% of the time, a customer is loyal to their hairstylist, whether or not they get a good haircut, if they like them as a person. This is especially crucial in the waiting game of the first 90-180 days that it takes to see SEO results. The client might not see what their money has produced yet, but if they like you, they’ll stick with you.
  3. Provide first-class customer service. Show your clients that you really care about the success of their business. Make extra phone calls to check on their satisfaction, be proactive coming up with great blog ideas for their website content. Any extra effort that you make to show clients that you are here to build their business, will create loyalty and incentivize them to upgrade to a larger SEO package in the long-run.
  4. Go the extra mile. Giving away your product for free cheapens the value perception that your client have in the service you provide. However, sometimes you can get a client on board by throwing small services into the package that they agreed to.
  5. Build trust. It’s not uncommon for clients to get price-tag shock, especially when they’re completely unfamiliar with the world of search engine optimization. Sometimes, you’ll be more successful by just selling them a small package. Once you’ve built their trust and they understand how indispensable your services are, they will be more likely to agree to a bigger package.
  6. Leverage webinars. Use GoTo meetings or Google Hangouts to walk your clients through your actual SEO system. This is incredibly effective for two reasons– First of all, you’re giving them a test drive. After you’ve sat in a brand-new car and taken it for a spin around the block, it’s hard to resist buying get it. Second of all, by walking them through the system firsthand, they’ll gain a greater understanding of the framework of SEO. By understanding what your services do, they’ll be more likely to engage in the services to the fullest. The more successful their campaign is, the more likely they’re going to continue using your services.

Do you have any other tips to add to our list of “6 Great SEO Reseller Approaches?” Please add them in the comment section below!

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